Project Files Performance Information System

ASP.NET | MSSql | jQuery

The Project Files system  is a performance information system for East Lothian Council's Community Learning & Development service. 

East Lothian Community Planning Partnership

East Lothian Community Planning

ASP.NET | jQuery | MSSql

East Lothian Community Planning Partnership CMS and database of groups involved.

Bespoke multiuser CMS providing landing pages with theme specific news and events for the key policy areas in East Lothian's Communty Planning Partnership.

East Lothian Community Planning partnerchil

Youth Vision East Lothian

East Lothian Youth Vision

ASP.NET | C# | jQuery

Showcase for East Lothian's Youth Strategy

GBR U20 Sabre Rankings

U20 Sabre

ASP.NET | C# | MSSql

Interactive site for GBR U20 Sabre squad rankings



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